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Attempt #2



Wish me luck!

With Sleepiness and Chaos,


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The Evil Board Exam

Tips on how to have lesser fuck ups while reviewing for the psychometrician board exam.

Ψ The Decision

First, you have to decide if you’ll take the exam or not. This goes out to everyone – the med students, law students, working and non-working. Decide if and when you’ll take it. Applications for the exam have a deadline.

Only half-hearted? It’s normal. About a week before the exam, I told my family that I had decided to not take it and then they gave me tough love and support to at least try. Because as what my mother’s college professor had told his class, “Taking the board exam already shows how brave you are”.

Ψ Sit Down, Be Humble.

Ask yourself if you can manage with self-studying or would you rather enroll in a review center. If you believe that you can manage yourself with self-studying, good for you. If not, you better do a bit of research on review centers and their passing rates.

But, remember that if you choose to study on your own, please do not be intimidated by others who have enrolled themselves in review centers. And, if you did enroll in one then make sure to not be overconfident. Remember that review centers are only there to try to prepare you for whatever may come.

Ψ Studying

It was only then when I was reviewing for the board exam did I really experience legit studying so obviously it was really hard to find the best studying style suited for me. I practised many ways such as by repeating out loud new terminologies, writing down equations, making mnemonics, saying what I’ve read out loud, as if I were a teacher and I had a class that was listening to me. My brother rewrote a book by hand, twice, just to learn it. The thing is, you’ll have to learn one way or another and it may not always be easy. It’ll take effort to find a studying mechanism that perfectly fits you.

Ψ Time

We must always be conscious of time. (Yes, I am a hypocrite – leave me alone, HAHA!) Be logical in managing your time, unlike me. I used to think, ‘ah, so if I wash my undies today that means I’ll have to study tomorrow instead’, which was very illogical and dumb for me to think of. Basically, don’t make excuses to yourself why you won’t be able to have the time to study. Don’t go cleaning your room and then saying how it’s too late to study for the day anymore.

BREAKS! HAHA! Make sure your break time isn’t longer than your review time. Try downloading the app, Tide. You can also try other apps to help you manage your time. You can easily change the time settings for your timer. I usually go for the 25-minute studying with 5-minute or 15-minute breaks. Two months before the exam, I would download clips from the TV show, Friends on YouTube, because that glorious show always makes me laugh. So basically, one clip = one break (sometimes 5 clips = one break but you get the point).

Ψ Sleep

Essential AF. The only time I lacked sleep was only after night outs or when my afternoon coffee went overboard. (We’ll talk about coffee later). I never studied at 12 midnight, NEVER EVER. Seriously, the only times I were awake early in the morning was to read ‘Read If You Dare’ on Facebook, read random plot movies on Wikipedia, or talk with my boyfriend over the phone, and of course let’s not forget about me getting my fat ass drunk.

If you want a healthy sleeping pattern (seems impossible but you can try), avoid taking long naps, especially during siesta hours – the time after having your lunch. You’ll get used to sleeping during those hours and that’s not safe because you might fall asleep during the exam. I tried really hard to stay awake during the board exam which resulted in me yawning a lot.

WARNING! Be prepared to lack sleep on the night before the first day of exams. Most of my friends and I suffered from lack of sleep. I even tried tiring myself out by reading posts from ‘Read If You Dare’ and breaking down/crying but it did no good. I tried praying too, because that’s what my mother did when she couldn’t sleep the night before her exam. Sadly, that didn’t work either. I don’t remember how I fell asleep though. Anyways, just prepare yourself. A friend of mine only had an hour of sleep before the first day of exams. He said he survived by munching on ovaltines.

Ψ Fun

Remember, you want to be a professional who can be able to help others in need and not be the patient. There’s nothing wrong with studying everyday but there’s something wrong with not having a break. Hang out with your friends, (preferably the ones who aren’t taking the board exam, you need time to not think about the evil exam, okie doks?) But if you do hang out with others who are taking the exam as well, ask them if they are okay, have breakdowns with them, cry and laugh with them hysterically about how you still don’t get this one annoying topic (pisteng yawa nga validity) Try to go and have a safe night out. Or if you really can’t let go of that reviewer then plan a study date or  study group so that at least you get to interact with others.

One of my good friends would post on Facebook a lot on how she’s open to anyone who needs to talk, even when she was reviewing for the board exam. Let’s try to remember that there will always be people we can run to during desperate times. You aren’t alone in this fight.

AND! Don’t force yourself to study if you don’t want to or else you’ll just be staring at the same page the entire day. I once spent a whole morning on a short chapter because I had to reread each paragraph since nothing was going inside my head. I wish I had just chilled for the day and not have been frustrated. If you’re not in the mood to study then go do something else, you’ll just have to compensate on studying soon which actually motivates you more to study.

Ψ Motivation

Try writing your name down, xxxxxx, RPm. Have an inspiring wallpaper on your phone. Light candles, attend mass. Believe in the superstitions if it puts you at rest and makes you feel indestructible. Wear something red if you like. Have your pencil sharpened by a board passer from a previous batch. Kick the chair after you hand in your last exam (I did this haha). Whatever it is, (legal and safe lang please) do it if it makes you less nervous and feel more confident.

Ψ Care for Yourself

Don’t forget to take baths or eat a meal. Sacrificing sleep and skipping meals isn’t a good idea. You’re going to need energy while reviewing. Don’t get drunk on coffee or energy drinks just to stay up late to study. Your brain’s just gonna go berserk. Be prepared to get sick a few days before the exam. Some people get stomach ulcers, sore throats, tonsillitis, fevers, flus, etc. a few days before exam day. So try to keep healthy as much as possible.

Ψ Believe

Try to avoid being negative. Sometimes, we tend to be negative so as to avoid false hope. We become pessimistic because we don’t want to ‘crash and burn’. We try to lessen our hope because it is a way for us to brace ourselves when we’re about to fall. I know this too well because this is how I thought for months, even while waiting for the results to come out. Believing in oneself never hurt anyone. (I actually planned to get chickenpox a week before the exam, which is a very unhealthy thought).

Don’t be alarmed if you’re the only one who looks nervous in the room. I had unusually sweaty hands when I got to my seat. A good friend of mine had a plastic bag next to her just incase. Most of us were constipated too (how nice). Anyway, when the times comes, just tell yourself, “fuck it”, I’m not saying that you ought to just give up. Fuck it, for me, means, let’s just get this shit over with and give it all we’ve got.

Let me share to you what my auntie told me a week before the exam when I decided to not take the exam anymore:

“I’m rooting for you to pass but not just that, to live your life according to YOUR standards. But know that if the universe thinks now is not the time, it doesn’t mean you have to dream less. Dream some more and work hard. Aja aja!”

Ψ Good luck, future psychometricians. Remember, don’t let the evil board exam take you. Don’t let it win – not while you’re reviewing, not while taking the exam, and not after you’ve found out the results. Ψ

With Hope and Chaos,


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I Shouldn’t Have Told My Mom

I grew up in a not so very conservative family but that doesn’t mean I plan on running around naked in the city and getting my fat ass on the front page of a newspaper.

You see, I got too fucking comfortable with my mom allowing me to go out at night and drink with friends that I forgot she was my momnot my best buddy. I regret telling her so much shit about me, I wish I could take it all back so I wouldn’t feel so stupid right now.

I told my mom that I smoke weed and cigarettes.

It was at 2 in the fucking morning and I had told her that I first got high a month after I turned 18 and that I smoke cigarettes whenever my fat ass gets drunk. You know what she said? She said thanks.

‘Thank you for telling me.” 

So after that I thought, “Yeah, my mom’s so fucking cool.” But, here was Satan about to bite my sorry-ass. After about a week of telling her about my recreational activities, we meet up for dinner and she asks me, “That’s why your lips are pale.” I was pretty much shocked because my lips were already fucking pale at a young age. My paediatrician had to freakin’ give me iron pills to not make me look fucking gray and dead back when I was in grade school. But, I never said anything. I just kept my mouth shut, we were at one of my favourite restaurants and I didn’t want to argue with her in public.

So kids, when you think your parents are your BFFs, think again.



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Blog Challenge 4

4〉 Your favorite photograph of your best friend


This photo was taken probably last 2010 during summer. My family and I stayed at Forest Camp in Valencia for a few days. My best friend was probably at his 2nd or 3rd year in college when this photo was taken.

My best friend, my #1 enemy, my savior and my brother. Yes, my brother is my best friend and here is a list as to why.


〉 He’s my savior.

From helping me with my math homework to helping me get through my parents’ separation and annulment.

〉 He influenced me to love what he loves.

Ever since I was a little girl, my brother would make me listen to the music he listened to. One time, when I was making him get ready because I didn’t want to be late to school, he made me sit down in front of the tv and watch Maroon 5’s music video of This Love.  Then from that moment on, I was in love. He made me watch television shows and movies as well. I slowly started appreciating shows like Friends, Frasier, That 70’s show, The Wonder Years and a shitload more. I fell in love with Harry Potter, both film and book series. #potterhead. What else? Hmm, Lord of the Rings didn’t really get to me that much, just enough. Oh! Let’s not forget Star Wars!

〉 He offers financial assistance.

Aside from my paying for my boarding house for an entire school year, my brother sends me money to go out and have drinks with my friends. Sometimes he sends me money so I can watch a movie. Coolest brother ever!

〉 He knows my secrets.

I’d probably get in trouble if my brother tells our mother all the shit I’ve done AND he knows all the shit I’ve don, except for the boys part. I’d need a sister for that HAHA! He tells me a few as well, but child versions of his stories, I guess. I mean, I’m his little sister! There are just things that I DON’T want to know.

〉 He gets me.

We both have this sick dark sense of humor, it’s just fucked up yo. We just say, “Lol, see you in hell,” after sharing fucked up things with each other. And boy, when we fight? DAMNNN haha but right after the fight it’s, “Wanna go get some pizza?” Magic! Haha. When he calls me asshole, I call him jackass. He understands my dating life is fucked up but that doesn’t stop him from calling me Slutty McSlut! Haha, I’m so blessed.

I love my brother and I’m very lucky to have him. We may fight and argue but we love unconditionally haha, I think.

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Blog Challenge 3

3〉 Your favorite store

This is a pretty hard challenge since I am a very indecisive person so I got tons of favorite stores but I think I’m going to go with, Ming’s Xoop. You haven’t probably heard of this store but a small part of me still hopes you have.

Ming’s Xoop is an online store based in Davao City. I believe it is managed by two awesome people, Ming and Sam and let me just add how friendly and accommodating they are to their customers. They sell tons of stuff from cute and adorable phone cases to hot bikini suits.

You can find them on Facebook and messenger by searching @mingsxoop. Here’s the link to their Facebook page or you can send them an email at

It’s my favorite store even thought I’ve actually only ordered once. I ordered an iPhone case for my auntie and I, they haven’t arrived yet but they will sometime this week. Now I know, online stores right? I am one of those skeptical people when it comes to online shopping. Ordering stuff online doesn’t really seem safe for me because well, I guess you know why. You know what? I’m just going to make a list of the way some of us are when we’re trying to shop online.


〉I don’t know the seller, how can I possibly trust them?

You don’t. Not yet, anyway. Since you don’t have any history with them, the first thing you do is check out their reviews. You’ll have to base your judgment off on their other customers reviews and comments.

〉How long do I have to wait for my order to arrive?

Patience is a virtue. It takes a bit of a long time for your orders to arrive, especially if the online store has to order somewhere outside the country. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for my order since early March and it is now April. Long time right? But I think what’s great is that the longer I wait for my order, the more I’m excited for it to arrive. It kind of serves like a reward for waiting such a long time. #thinkpositive

〉What if I don’t get the right size?

This is my number one dilemma, to be honest. I’m too afraid to order clothes online because they might not fit me. But here’s the thing, the sellers usually have a measurement size chart or whatever. You can take your measurements or ask someone else to do it for you.

〉It probably won’t look good on me.

Okay, no one has control over that. There’s a 50% chance it will look horrible on you and another 50% chance that you’ll look like a goddess. But isn’t it exhilarating? To not know whether it’ll look shit on you or look great on you? Anyway, if it really doesn’t suit your body type or you just think it’s off, you can always give it to someone else or try selling it to other people. Just don’t let it go to waste because you don’t want anymore. True, it can be heartbreaking for something to not look flattering on you but that’s life and life sort of sucks at times.

Those are the only things I can think of as of now, I might add a few in the future when I try experimenting with other online stores. I hope my list helped you to get over your fear of online shopping.

With much love and chaos,


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Blog Challenge 2

2〉 A photo of something you ate today

This post is considered late since I usually write a challenge during the evening but I ate too much and couldn’t write. Logic, right? Anyway, so I ate a lot of stuff yesterday but let me share the really good ones, okay?

For lunch I had a Filipino dish that my uncle Lloyd cooked the night before – humba.

Kuya Lloyd’s humba

This is a very common dish among Filipinos. From what I know, either pork or chicken are used in making this. Another thing is that Sprite is usually used in sweetening the dish but my uncle used cinnamon sticks. They aren’t visible in the picture but he used a few sticks and it tastes sweeter than when Sprite is used. Other bunch of stuff are added like pepper, boiled eggs, and black beans. I think I’ll post my mom’s humba recipe when I visit my hometown this summer. You know what’s extra great about this dish? The longer it lasts, the yummier it gets.

Dinner time! So last night my family and I ate outside the house because the evening air was cool and the moon was bright since it’s holy week. Plus, we had a boodle fight.

rice, pancit, siomai, and grilled pork

A boodle fight isn’t really a fight or a sport. It’s when food is laid out on top of banana leaves and people eat with their hands. From what I know, it originated from the military. To be honest, I only really enjoy it when I’m only eating it with people I’m close with and if the group isn’t really that large.

My family’s done this a few times. You should try it with your family and friends. It’s a great way to eat and chill outside your house with the cool air and maybe a few fur family members could be present.

You would think I would have already rested and relaxed with a full stomach but nah, my family and I went out and ate balot.

boiled duck egg

Balot is a really familiar street food among Filipinos. Actually, it got featured in the TLC show Bizarre Foods, hosted by Andrew Zimmern. It is bizarre since it really is duck egg. I didn’t even like it when I was still a child but now I do. I tried it again when I was about 19 years old and I really liked it. I eat it every chance I get and it’s pretty easy to find it in Dumaguete City because there are a shitload of stalls that sell it at the Rizal boulevard. Hopefully, I get to blog about the City of Gently People soon.

I hope you guys try out the different foods I mentioned above. If you love it, great! If you don’t, try it again in a couple of years because you might change your mind. I mean, I changed mine.

As I’m typing, I realized that I enjoy blogging about food. Maybe I’ll blog about food more once I’m done with this blog challenge.

With much love and chaos,


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Blog Challenge 1

1〉 A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was


As you can see from the picture above, I am enjoying one of the blessings in life, food; specifically churros with chocolate sauce from heaven and a good amount of powdered sugar to which I endlessly kept praising about.

It was one of my good friends who took this photo last December of 2016. She, Paula, had her camera with her since she took shots that week at school because the university was celebrating its sports week. This got about 50 likes on Facebook, so basically a few people saw how much I seemed to enjoy and cherish churros.

But enough about churros, let me share my day with you and how it went.

You likely do not know this but I just graduated college about a month ago, so basically right now, as I am typing this down – I am unemployed or as my friend Joaquin, prefers to call it funemployment. Going back, the first thing I did was try to complete my profile at – which seems impossible to do because one of the last requirements is to have this kind of certification. If you check my profile out, it’ll still be 90% complete in the near future. Since I have no chances of completely making my profile, I decided to take these English proficiency tests which I scored pretty high on in just about less than 10 minutes. This made me feel good about myself because the average time that takers finish it is about 45 minutes.

Well that made me feel awesome, I’m not going to lie. So I tried sending out a proposal for a project in which I created a tragic cover letter for that I might as well have cried while sending it. Man, that cover letter was really bad but that isn’t the point, is it? The fact that I had the vagina (balls are soft and weak) to send it out made me feel more satisfied about myself.

After believing and telling myself that I had been productive enough for the whole day, I decided and pretty much forced myself to finish the show, 13 Reasons Why.


You guys can just google what the show is about. This show is really intense, dark,  heavy, fucked up and what we all need. So if you haven’t watched it yet or you seemed to grow uncomfortable watching it and you decided to not continue, YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING!

Is it any good? Yes but it sort of fucks you up real bad. Would you watch it again? No, of course not. Would you recommend other people to watch it? Absolutely.

The point is, this story about a girl killing herself has been heard a million times but we haven’t really done shit about it, have we? This is what the world needs – a Netflix series where we can see, hear, and ultimately feel what the characters are going through at that moment when they are getting hurt – physically, emotionally, sexually, or all three at once.

Let’s skip the part where mental illness is said to be a fiction of one’s imagination. Let’s skip the part when we call the dead girl or boy an attention seeking whore and how stupid they were for taking their own life. Let’s skip that part where all the bullshit is.

If you’re struggling right now, it’s alright. You can always ask for help from your family, friends, authorities from your school, or heck even people from your community. You can talk to people anonymously or call a hotline. The point is, there will always be people who will listen and support you with the healing you need but that can’t happen if you do not speak up and get yourself to talk. It starts with you, it always does.

That’s how my day went. Neither was it bad, not was it good. Same old, same old. I mean I was practically facing my laptop the entire day. How awesome, right? Anyway, I hope yours went a lot better.

With much love and chaos,


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Blog Challenge!


I haven’t been able to write stuff here for a while so I’ll just attempt to do one of these blog challenges that I never seem to complete. I found this on since I love going on it. You can check my boards out here 

Anyway, good luck to me on this challenge! I hope you can try doing it as well. 🙂

With much love and chaos,


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30 Day Movie Challenge-Day 01 Your Favorite Movie

BISSI dare say that my favorite movie would have to be Because I Said So. Now, Because I Said So is rom-com film that was released in the year 2007. It stars Diane Keaton who plays Daphne Wilder, who is a protective yet loving mother who hovers over yer youngest unmarried daughter, Milly who is played by a brunette Mandy Moore. So on and so forth, Milly is stuck between two gorgeous men. Johnny and Jason who are played by Gabriel Macht and Tom Everett Scott, respectively.

I picked Because I Said So as my favorite movie since it’s the movie that I would watch a million times and still be surprised with all the twists and turns. Whenever I watch it, I just feel at home. It’s got singing, delicious food, romantic dates, and fabulous weddings.

Every time I see how Daphne cares for her children, I am reminded by my own mama.


No one knows except for you dear reader, that one of the reasons why I chose to study psychology is because of Lauren Graham’s character, Maggie who is actually a therapist. She’s like one of my movie character inspirations as to why I am a psychology student today. Crazy, I know.


I want to share my favorite sad scene with you…

Milly and Johnny arguing

Above, you can see Milly and Johnny fighting. In this scene, I cry with Milly every fucking time. The next words that come out of Johnny’s lips are so heartbreaking that this is what I feel like every time I hear Johnny’s harsh words.


Another thing that I love about this movie is Milly’s apartment. I mean come on, it’s simple and homey. I would kill for a place like this.


Oh and the Wilder family loves to sing. They sang I Met Him On A Sunday by The Shirelles.


I have fallen in love with this movie countless times that’s why I would like for you, my dear reader, to watch this cliché movie and comment your opinion ONLY  after watching it.

With much love and chaos,